Company Profile:
The production, sale and implementation of computer software, trade and brokering in the sale of computer software and services, training in the use of software. The projects, analysis and calculations about equipment and industrial installations.

Company address:
ul.Mazowiecka 2 / 8, 30-036 Krakow, Poland
tel / fax +48 12 6326802,
Mobile +48 605369099,
No. Record 45,290
NIP: 677-130-76-10
REGON: 357164200


  • Q [t/h] - theoretical capacity of conveyor

  • N [kW] - required power of drive

W [N] - friction resistances (DIN 22101, SRM)

  • K [kN/m] - strength of belt

S [N] - belt tensions
R [N] – reactions on drums and idlers
L [h] - life of idler bearings
Rv, Rh [m] - horizontal and vertical radius of conveyor route

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